What to Do in Miami on Thanksgiving

The American Thanksgiving is celebrated every 4th Thursday of November. This year the exact date will be 24th November. Thanksgiving is also an important holiday in Canada, where it´s celebrated on the second Monday of October, the same day as Columbus Day in U.S. So if you´re in town on Thanksgiving, there are few things you should know.

What to do in miami on ThanksgivingAs background information for foreign visitors, Thanksgiving was traditionally celebrated after the harvest cycle, and people got together to throw a party after the hard period of work, and gave their thanks for the good harvest year. Nowadays Thanksgiving Day is a special day dedicated to family get-togethers. Some consider it more important holiday than Christmas.

Thanksgiving is usually a tranquil day when many businesses close their doors. However, Miami is a city that never sleeps, so you won´t get bored!! (Besides our Miami tours run normally that day :) ) Thanksgiving is followed by Black Friday, which is the opposite for the previous day. This day is known for the big discounts and fatal queues for the stores. Many shops open their doors early in the morning (4pm: JCPenney and Sears), some at mid-night (Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Best Buy) and few already on Thursday evening.

So what to do in Miami on Thanksgiving, if you don’t feel like celebrating it the traditional way, or you´re a foreigner, and it´s not a part of your traditions?

Miami Turkey Trot

Miami Turkey Trot

Miami Turkey Trot

Burning some calories before the turkey is not such a bad idea, ha? Miami Turkey Trot is a day race for the whole family. You can participate in a 10K or 5K or take your kids to the Chobani Champions Kids’ Trot and stay on the side of the road cheering for them. Well, if your kids can do it, maybe you should too.. For more information and registration.

WinterNational Thanksgiving Day Parade

Healthy People, Healthy Places is this year’s theme for the annual parade that will be held for the 37th time this year. Go out on the streets of North Miami and check out the bands and colorful costumes. The parade starts already at 10 am.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal in a restaurant

Easier said than done! However, nowadays many restaurants open their doors for the lazy cooks and foreigners. Advance reservation is a must, so keep your eyes open. Check this site for open restaurants in town.

The White Party

The White Party is a massive event for those who love to dance and party day and night. This party week starts on November 23rd and lasts until 28th. The whole idea behind the concept is to collect money for those living with HIV or AIDS and for the research of the disease. This event brings together the fundraisers from all around the country. We all like the cheap fake rolex watches.

The world´s largest and oldest HIV fundraiser offers an enormous amount of parties to choose from: Cirque Blanc, DOLCE, the Heatwave Pool Party, A Woman’s Event, Get Lucky Tea Dance, White Journey, the White Party, Muscle Beach, and many more.

And all the other activities..


Miami Everglades

Our tours operate normally through Thanksgiving. So, if it´s a Biscayne Bay Boat Tour or a thrilling airboat ride and alligator watching in Miami Everglades you´re looking for, we´ll have it! By the way, did you know that there are over million alligators in Florida? And most of them live in their natural environment in Everglades. But no worries, Everglades tours have always been perfectly safe.

Fly over Miami

Fly over Miami

Or maybe spend your Thanksgiving on a Miami Sport Fishing tour or fly over Miami with one of our helicopters? And of course the only Miami Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Bus is also circulating through otherwise empty streets of Miami in Thanksgiving Day.

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